Lets Talk Cars…

We have decided that relying on a nearly twenty-one year old car in poor shape and in need of more repairs than it’s worth is probably a bad idea. It’s to the point where I won’t drive it unless I HAVE to. Grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, lab work. That’s all it gets used for.

As little as we want to we need to replace it. Our budget’s about $8,000. Less would be better but that’s as high as we’re willing to go.

What I’m looking for is some ideas on what to look for. I’m a BIG guy and the last time I was car shopping I had trouble finding vehicles I could comfortably fit in.

I want:
A two-door vehicle.
Automatic transmission.
Good fuel economy.
Something that isn’t old.

Yeah… sadly, that’s about it really. I’ve lived in Florida without A/C, a stereo or windows that work for years. All I want is a functional car that I can fit in that doesn’t drink gas like it were a frat guy at a beer bash.

One of the things I’ve noticed is cars these days looking at dealer sites and searching cars.com, even reasonable newer vehicles have shitloads of miles on them, 100 – 150K. Back in the day we always considered 100K to be the death time for cars and my Probe at 109K doesn’t make me think much differently. Many of these cars are at or even over my price line. It’s disturbing.

Cars I’ve been thinking about. I’m a little leery of cars like the Honda Civics. I don’t want something that some kid imagined was a race car and had the snot beaten out of it. I’ve done some research online and a lot of large people have been recommending the new VW Beetle. I’ve also given thought to the Hyundai Accent. It used to be, brand new, one of the lowest priced cars barely out of my price range for a used car (they’ve gone up since I looked at them a year or so ago and they no longer make a two-door). Beyond those two I’m open to and actively seeking suggestions.

Hawk (beep-beep!)


  1. Frosty

    I wish I could offer some suggestions/advice. I know nada about cars.

    Good luck!

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    That’s okay Frosty, thanks for replying!

  3. Ann

    I have a Hyundai and love love love it. Decent car at a decent price. Have you checked into used santa fes? not sure of the prices for them.

    Mark has a civic and I think its too low and small. I would probably not consider that. how about a crv or rav4?

  4. Hawk (Post author)

    Thanks Ann, but most of those are 4-door vehicles. Plus they’re tall and mom would have troube getting in them.

  5. Jeff

    The Hyundai has gone from one of the worst cars on the market to a real solid investment. So I would second that. I don’t know your reason is for the 2 door, but my feeling is the same as yours about the civic. No kid ever got a 4 door and thought of it as a race car. Second hand 4 doors tend to be less abused. I’m not sure anyone has ever gotten a beetle and thought of it as a race car either, and they are roomier than their much older brothers.
    I know I’m not giving you any new options here, but much like you, I havn’t been in the market for a vehicle since 2003, so I havn’t really looked. I work with someone who owns a 4 door civic and he’s a very big guy and finds it comfortable. oops, there I go with the 4 door again!


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