Color Me Unimpressed.

Recently Mitsubishi has been running a series of TV commercials about how they took two of their new Outlander models to the most dangerous road in the world, Bolivia’s Yungas Road, to prove how good their cars are.

You can view the commercial here.

Do you know what else drives this road, daily?

50 year old trucks.

Bicycle tours and regularly scheduled busses.

20+ year old mini-vans.

30+ year old American land yacht gas guzzlers. Okay, it’s stuck for the moment, but the bike riders can push it out or the truck can drag it backwards three feet.

Yes, Mitsubishi your new Outlanders are as impressive as… the daily traffic that crosses the Yungas road without four-wheel drive and no need to brag about doing it. Your cars are as sure footed… as a 10-speed bike or a ’70’s era Dodge. THAT’S impressive. Wait, no it’s not.

Hawk (would do it on a unicycle! if I could ride a unicycle…)


  1. Frosty

    That’s hilarious. You make a very good point. That said, while in Bolivia, I turned down every opportunity to visit/drive on/ride on/walk on the World’s Most Dangerous Road because I did not want to die. Color me a giant worry wart.


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