I hate Sears…less..

So yesterday while I’m sound asleep (I’m nocturnal) the phone rings and it’s the assistant manager from the local store. Hey, bitch enough and somebody will take action. He wants to make things ‘right’ about the grill. He even understands if I never want to shop Sears again but he wants to ‘fix’ this thing with the grill. I’m tempted to yell “Give me money!” into the phone, that’d fix things. Money can fix a lot of things… I digress… That idea passes and the guy from the store says “How about if we pull a new grill off the shelves, assemble it and then deliver it to your house, free of charge of course. Would that fix ‘things’?” Well hell, a new grill to replace my ‘slightly used’ and missing pieces one, delivered, free? Sure!

Ten minutes later he calls back. He’s gotten the manager’s OK for this exchange and delivery, how’s Tuesday sound to me? Tuesday will be just fine with me.

New grill. Assembled by people who know what they’re doing (hopefully). Delivered to my back deck, free of charge. The ‘old’ one was getting a little dirty after the past month outside…

Anyone want to place bets whether or not they’ll deliver the RIGHT grill? They have receipts from us for two separate models and their automated pick-up system still thinks we’ve got a grill waiting… I wonder which one we’ll get? If it’s not the one we have now it’s going back 🙂



  1. dvus

    Remind me again, you’re mad because there was a mix-up and you ended up with a better model of grill than you originally paid for? And now, to make matters worse, they’re offering to give you a brand new pre-assembled replacement for all your troubles. The nerve of those people…

  2. hawk (Post author)

    No, I’m mad because they sold me the wrong grill making me have to drive back across two towns to return it. Then they didn’t have the grill I paid for so I got to keep the one they gave me (granted, it’s a step up in price, quality is in doubt). Then the grill I brought home, twice, turned out to have several damaged and defective parts. One of those parts was supposed to be delivered last week. It’s still not here. I’m MAD because they took two weeks to respond to my complaint, losing the initial email and forcing me to send it again and I’m REALLY mad…well, see the next post.


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