One Year (plus) Kindleversary

Pre-ordered on August 23, 2010, delivered on September 13, 2010. What a horrible wait that was. I didn’t even realize the one year mark had slid past without a peep. It has been literally a full year since I read a book made of paper. Not even sure how many books I’ve read since I got the Kindle, I was up to around 130 in my ‘completed’ collection on the Kindle when I had to have a warranty replacement (May 2011 if you’re interested) a spring that held up one of the next-page buttons had come loose and was rattling around inside the case. The button still worked (a bit louder than before) and the Kindle still functioned but loose metal in an electronic device isn’t a good thing. The replacement went amazingly smooth. I wasn’t on the phone ten minutes with Kindle Support. They agreed to ship me a refurbished unit with 2-day shipping, arranged for UPS to drop off a pre-printed return label when I told them I didn’t have a printer. So maybe another 60 – 80 books since May? I’ve stopped cluttering up the Kindle and just delete what I’ve finished and only keep a handful of books on it at any one time.

I still ABSOLUTELY love the Kindle. My arthritic hands no longer have to hold up large hardback books or force open paperbacks. The adjustable font size makes reading a truly pleasant experience. Get tired but want to keep reading, up the font size with a couple clicks. eBook readers and eInk screens have to be one of the greatest inventions I’ve ever owned (2nd only to the digital camera). With a built in dictionary I can instantly look up almost any word I’m not sure of. 3G connectivity and, to be honest, free basic web access means I can amuse myself updating Facebook from the doctor’s office or check the local weather forecast and radar image. Google image search while slow (and all in 16 levels of grey) is still useful and amusing if I want to see what something mentioned in a book looks like and I’m too lazy to walk over to the computer .

Mom’s too hasn’t touched a paper bound book since getting her Kindle in December of last year. She adores the ability to make any book a large print book and not having to get books from one special section of the library.

I’m not even jealous of the Kindle Touch (the Fire is NOT a Kindle no matter what they’ve named it). It’s clever and neat but I’m quite happy with my old 3rd generation Kindle.

If you read and haven’t tried a Kindle, I highly recommend heading to one of the stores, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Target, etc. that sell them and check one out. It’s a whole new experience.

Hawk (Book worm? Book bird!)


  1. Andreas

    My second Kindle (a v3 AKA “Kindle Keyboard”) just broke its screen so I’ve had to read on my iPad while I wait for a replacement. While I don’t hate it I find it hopelessly heavy and awkward in comparison.

    I’m two years into the Kindle thing and I adore it. So simple, so clever. I love how the device “vanishes” and you can focus on reading. Just like a book in fact. That doesn’t happen with an iPad. Kindle is such a minimalist gadget with an inspired design. 30 seconds to figure out how it works, and you’re off.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    My 80 year old technophobe mom adores her Kindle and while I still load books on it for her she has no trouble reading and moving things into collections. Everyone wants things to do EVERYTHING and I’ve always felt, even about Swiss Army knives, the more things something does the less it does each well.
    I had a friend bragging about not buying a Kindle (she’s since bought a Kindle) becuase she could read eBooks on the 3 inch screen of her cell phone. I laughed 🙂


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