Thanksgiving is Coming…

Here’s a hint for everyone. Homeless people do not hibernate for 364 days only to emerge from their burrows just so you can hand feed them a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Let me take you back a few… ok, more than a few, years. Back when I was still living in CT. Two years in a row a friend (to remain nameless) showed up at our apartment on Thanksgiving. The first year she was IRATE that she had been turned away from the soup kitchen in Milford because they had too many volunteers already who wanted to feed the homeless a turkey dinner. She wanted to feed a homeless on Thanksgiving and missed out.

The next year she showed up at our apartment again not quite as irate but still pissed off. She’d been allowed to feed the homeless but only for an hour. They had so many volunteers that everyone was giving an hour shift so they could all partake in the joy of spending one day a year giving a crap about someone less fortunate. They had so many volunteers that they were forced to have them wait outside because there was no room inside for the homeless to sit and eat.

We then got into a horrible argument (which I won, HA!) about how I felt people who only did things like volunteer at kitchens and shelters on holidays were frauds assuaging their guilt over having more than those less fortunate. I explained that homeless people are hungry EVERY day of the year and she could pick any other day of the year, July 19th, September 7th, St. Isidore the Farmer’s day (look it up!) and still feel just as good, perhaps better because there would naturally be less volunteers around, than volunteering ONLY on Thanksgiving.

This caused a Latina explosion rivaling the Mount St. Helens explosion, language you wouldn’t expect from a young lady and a hearty flouncing out of the apartment complete with naughty hand gestures… I actually think that was the last time we talked.

So here’s a suggestion friends and readers (all three of you) DON’T go to that soup kitchen or shelter on Thanksgiving. They need help year round. Call them and pick a day when they NEED volunteers. You’ll feel better, everyone will feel better and you won’t be a Thanksgiving fraud.

Hawk (boy… I bet that pissed someone off)


  1. Andreas

    Agreed 100%.

    This is similar to a pet peeve of mine, which is the “donation with my name on it” obsession. So may people, including many well known philanthropists, donate seemingly only so they can brag about it. “Look at me, I donated so much!” The point of donating time or money is not to get bragging rights. It is about helping.

    I donate every year to my favorite charity (Child’s Play, the videogamer’s charity) but I do it because I want to help sick kids have an easier time in hospitals, not so I can say how good I was.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Jes

    I wish I could have seen you win that argument. What you said is so true, Random acts of kindness go a long way every day not just on holidays. If they get mad because of what you posted oh well. It is a year round thing!

  3. Hawk (Post author)

    Thanks guys for reading my blog (and not hating me!)

    @Andreas – Childsplay has long been a favorite of mine as well. I’ve been reading Penny Arcade for years and am amazed at what those two have acomplished.

  4. Trish

    I completely agree with you. Whole-heartedly.

  5. Theresa

    Great point!


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