Drum Roll, Please…

Well, it’s 9:30 AM, the Sears delivery people have come and gone and I’ve already been on the phone with the manager, twice. That should give you an idea how my day’s going so far. The new grill was delivered and surprisingly they did get the right model. Sadly they did not assemble it properly. There’s a bolt I can’t get to without disassembling the entire upper section that was never tightened. The whole grill top is out of whack making the cover close poorly. The ‘flame diverter’ was not installed at all, it was just tossed on top of the burners and the side shelf, it’s got a huge bend in it.

Friday or tomorrow, Sears will be delivering a new grill, again. I wonder what’s going to be fucked up on this one… How many chances do they get to ‘get this right’? **Sigh**

Hawk (who still hates Sears some)



  1. dvus

    Hey, this thing remembered my info and filled in the blanks!

    Anyhow, I always buy discontinued floor models of stuff like that. You usually can get the high-end models for next to nothing all assembled and ready to go. Manuals are usually nowhere to be found, but a quick search on the web often takes care of that. NEVER pay retail…

  2. hawk (Post author)

    It likes you!

    Well it’s day two of the ‘we’re going to deliver a grill to you’ festival. An hour later than they were here yesterday and no call to schedule the delivery, nothing… YAY SEARS!


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