And some more photos.

A collection of images taken over the last couple weeks. I’m starting to enjoy this new Kodak a lot more. I was never able to get this up close and personal with the moon with my previous 10x zoom camera.

I think the image shake adds instead of detracts from this picture.

A little too damp out and not enough experimentation with the camera settings.

This on the other hand is quite interesting. After checking a sky chart for last night’s sky this appears to be… Jupiter. With a point and shoot Kodak camera.

A much better shot of the moon…

Messing around and found I’d actually captures the neighbor’s palm trees backlit by the town several miles away and I’d also gotten several stars in the frame. STARS! With a point and shoot camera, neat!

Click the images above to see the bigger picture.

Hawk (Stop or I’ll shoot… your picture!)

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