Got a Kindle? Get Special Offers!

Amazon has finally started allowing owners of the original Kindle Keyboard (the K3, 3rd Generation, etc.) and the latest Kindle Touch devices to opt INTO the Special Offers program.

‘Big deal’ you say? I think it is. Many owners, myself included, have said over the last six months or so that even though they didn’t regret getting their Kindles when they did they would have opted for the (less expensive) Special Offers model.

Over the months I’ve kept an eye on the offers that Amazon has made and some of them have been pretty good. $20 Amazon gift cards for $10, that’s “Here you go, $10 free. Have a nice day.” They’ve offered select books in several genres for a $1 as well as discounts on toys, DVDs, 50% off Kindle accessories and even discounts on laptops.

I hadn’t updated my Kindle at all and was still running the original 3.01 firmware it shipped with. It worked and I saw no real reason to update… until I saw I could opt into the Special Offers program. You need to have the latest firmware (3.3 for the Kindle Keyboard) which downloads via wifi when the Kindle is in sleep mode or can be done manually as I did by downloading the proper update file, moving it to the Kindle over the USB cable and then manually starting the update.

Once the update is done which take a while all you need to do is connect wirelessly to Amazon. 3G connectivity, if your Kindle has it, is fine. Wifi is not required to receive the offers. Once you’ve connected the offers will show up at the bottom of your home page (it takes up the space of one book listing) and your screen saver image will also be a special offer.

I’ve already taken advantage of my first Special Offer. I signed up and was approved for an Amazon branded credit card. Upon approval, which took two minutes, they immediately deposited $50 into my Amazon account’s gift card balance. No activating purchase with their card was necessary, no requirement to use the card at any time ever. Apply, get approved, get $50.

You can earn points for using your Amazon branded card anywhere (extra points for shopping at Amazon) which can in turn be used to make purchases at Amazon but with a rather high APR I doubt I’ll use this card very much. But hey, $50! Thanks Amazon!

Hawk (now… what should I buy with my $50?)


  1. Andreas

    Some nice deals there indeed. Pity you can’t get the special offers outside the US.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Yeah, that limitation isn’t quite fair but I’m sure Amazon would, if they could, make them available to everyone. If it’s possible to link your Kindle to a US addressed credit card you MIGHT be able to take advantage of them but I’m not entirely sure.

  3. Bill

    Good to know, thnx again.

  4. Chris

    I bought my Kindle with special offers and got it for the cost of shipping from points we earned on our Amazon card. Since I bought it I have downloaded over 100 books and only paid for 3, thanks to facebook and books on the knob!


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