Freakin’ UPS…

We were running a bunch of errands yesterday. Stopped by the closest UPS drop-box location to ship back a survey device I’d finished with and found the box overflowing with packages. If I were less honest I could have had whatever was in half a dozen boxes people just left sticking out of the drop box (one looked like a rather expensive piece of electronics).

I decided not to be one of the lemmings who’d leave an expensive item hanging out of a metal box on the sidewalk and held onto my package (go ahead, snicker, I’ll wait… done? Good… Onward.)

Drove mom to a store she wanted to do some shopping at and while sitting in the parking lot reading a book on my Kindle (have I mentioned lately I love my Kindle?) I figured I’d let UPS know their drop-box was overflowing. Since the pick-up time listed was 5:00 PM and it was only 8:30 AM things could only get worse. Using the Kindle’s 3G connectivity and basic web browser (have I mentioned lately how much I love my Kindle?) I looked up the UPS phone number and was searching for another drop-box location that hopefully wouldn’t be so full.

After fighting with their automated phone system for several minutes I finally got someone on the phone. I explained what I was calling about, gave the address of the drop-box and the cross street. He then said “Ok, sir, I can transfer you to someone who can help you with your problem.”
Wait, what? Wasn’t that what HE was doing?

After a thankfully short time on hold (my cell minutes are expensive) another gentleman gets on the phone and I explain once again what I’m calling about. He asks me for the address of the drop-box and since I had the page listing local drop-boxes still open on my Kindle I read him the address DIRECTLY OFF THE UPS WEB PAGE. He asked me to give him the address again. I read it to him again including the name of the shopping center it’s in. He then tells me that he cannot find a drop-box at that address and am I SURE (and he poured on the snotty condesending tone) of the location. I’d wasted enough of my air time so I reminded him again I was reading the address off the UPS web site and that I was done trying to be helpful. He mumbled something about needing to speak to a supervisor, I told him to get bent and hung up. Can’t even try to be a good citizen without getting crap from people.

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