I just don’t get it…

Sitting in my pantry are two packages of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish brand crackers:

The package of regular, plain old cheddar Goldfish crackers is $2.39 and weighs 6.6 OZ.
The bag of Baby Goldfish is also $2.39 and it weighs… 7.2 OZ.

Wait, what? More than half an ounce more for the same price? Can anyone explain this? It’s obvious they have a machine capable of consistently weighing bags of crackers at 6.6 ounces so why do you get more when you buy smaller yet otherwise identical Baby Goldfish.

It reminds me of a time, many years back, when I was working overnight shifts at 7-11 and noticed that Rold Gold had a new style of pretzels out, Rold Gold – Sport. It advertized “X% LESS Calories than our regular pretzels!” on the bag and had a cute little action sport graphic under their logo. They were also either .50 or .75 more expensive than the regular Rold Gold Pretzels which were right next to them. Being bored and working in a store that often didn’t see three customers after the bar crowd went home to pass out I investigated! For a while I was stumped. The ingredients were the same. All the percentages of this and that were the same… then I saw it. THE BAG WEIGHED LESS. There were less calories in the bag because there was less product in the bag! I thought it was absolutely brilliant scammery. Here’s the same product advertized as a ‘Sport’ version with less calories and they’re just selling you LESS for more! I guess there were enough gullible people out there because we only carried them that one time and I never saw them again. I can’t even find a reference to them on Google now.

Okay… so it isn’t really all THAT similar but the Goldfish pricing does boggle my brain a bit and it was a good excuse to dredge up an old and amusing memory. Ah well…

Hawk (same price either way…)

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