New Tripod

I don’t use a tripod all that often but there’s times when one is really necessary. For example the shots I took a while ago of the moon (scroll down the blog entries, you’ll see them). The tripod I used for those, an Ambico 54″, was pure junk. I only bought it when my Slik brand tripod which I’d had for over a decade finally gave up the ghost and I wanted to have a tripod around. Shooting the moon {snicker} was an exercise in frustration. As already stated, the Ambico is junk, not sturdy, not steady and when you tried to lock the camera into position the damn thing would move! But I did, eventually, get the shot I wanted.

Click for larger.

Then I was browsing through Amazon’s deals of the day for this Christmas season and saw this:

Click for larger.

The Dolica 62-Inch Proline Tripod regularly $40 on sale for $33 and I had a $5 promotional credit from my Special Offers Kindle so I scored it for $28 (twice the price of my Ambico and also, amusingly, twice the weight and more than twice as nice). This is reasonably solid and much more sturdy plus it has a ball-head mount which is completely new to me. My previous two tripods were both pan-head mounts. Everything moves smoothly the mount locks in place without shifting itself around. It’s got many of the features that high end tripods have at an entry level price. I do believe I like it a lot.

I have also learned one important rule of using ball-head mounts; “ALWAYS hold the camera when you loosen the ball-head locking mount.” I came close to smashing my new camera on the leg of the tripod. It was frightening.

Hawk (bi-podal… we won’t talk about my ball mount)

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