A Christmas Story.

So here’s the deal… Years ago I was taking some IT classes (just before the bottom fell out of the IT scene, joy!) and we were having a nerdy and joyous Holiday Party for all the IT people, the instructors who (with few exceptions, Mr. V, you rocked) could barely read the course work let alone teach it and even, joy of joys (!) the high muckety mucks of the school were going to grace us with their presence! Aren’t YOU excited? I know I was(n’t).

Being a long-haired hippie biker lunatic they didn’t want me touching food for this pot-luck luncheon, yes, that’s right, they charged us an arm and a freaking leg to go to this ‘school’ and WE had to provide our own food for a Chris…excuse me, Holiday party. They probably figured I’d bring pot brownies or meth punch or just infect the dip with hippie germs. So I and my fellow classmate Chris who was also too freaky to be trusted with consumables (there’s a whole ‘nother story there!) were tasked with putting together some appropriate Chris… Holiday (damn it!) music for our listening and dining pleasure.

Chris and I sat down one chilly… who am I kidding, it’s Florida, it was probably in the mid-70’s, winter afternoon and using a program who’s name started with N(apster) (SHH!) began downloa… PURCHASING LEGALLY a collection of light, appropriate holiday (ahh, better) music.

We downloa… OBTAINED LEGALLY a dozen or so songs and since it was getting late and Chris didn’t like being anywhere that wasn’t his dining room table (seriously, there’s a whole story there) we decided to just sample the songs by listening to the first minute or so of each to see if the quality was good.

We came across this one song ‘Sainte Nuit’ with no band name and the guy who was singing had an AMAZING, )seriously amazing, this is no freaking joke this guy can SING) voice singing what appeared to be ‘Silent Night’ in French.

Just to be clear, we listening to approximately FIFTY-FIVE seconds of this song before deciding it was perfect for a gathering of nerds and stuffed-shirt school officials… Then this happened. Listen for yourselves:

At about the minute mark or so I literally fell the hell out of my chair laughing hysterically. Most of the other students looked confused the faculty was… aghast, Mr. V (the coolest teacher at the school!) was holding his face trying not to have a fit of the giggles.

They would not and never would believe that it wasn’t done as a joke. Some people have no sense of humor anyhow. Seriously, we didn’t know!

But now? Now this is the coolest CHRISTMAS song I’ve got, even cooler than Bob Rivers doing his parody of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’, ‘I am Santa Claus’. Even my mom likes ‘Sainte Nuit’!

Hawk (still gets the giggles when this song plays!)


  1. Jes

    I played it for Raft (when you sent it to me) and my mom listened to it this morning. Raft loved it. My mom on the other had had the look of a deer in headlights when it got a little heavy. I like it but then again a lot of the music I play for my mom she cringes when she listens to it. The look on her face was kinda like the look a friend of mine got when we were on the train going to NYC I played for her Medium Pace by Adam Sandler and she had that look then she hauled off and hit me like I did something wrong.

  2. Trish

    Oh. my. That is PRETTY funny. 😀


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