Newshosting How I Loathe Thee…

Let me count the ways:

First and most annoying… Your servers were broken. You had technical issues. You KNEW you had technical issues but when I reported that in every group I’d checked that no multipart binary posts were complete you responded by accusing me of illegal activity, with no proof, and refused to further follow up on the ticket. You finally admitted to and fixed the problem eight hours later.

You cripple the speed, and that’s fine, you offered Bright House subscribers this hosting at no charge. It’d just be nice if you actually gave the speed you offered and didn’t half and quarter the already minimal speed at peak hours.

You FURTHER cripple popular and heavy use newsgroups. Seriously, two minutes to pull FIVE headers? Did you think no one would notice that? five thousand headers arrive in another group in 30 seconds, we’re not that dumb!

You won’t add groups you ALREADY offer to this server’s feed. Plus it took you idiots five email exchanges to even understand my request.

When I asked if you had a crossposting limit you replied “Yes.” When I asked what the limit was you acted like you were protecting the codes to launch the missiles. Twice you said you didn’t release that information (yes, I could have trial & errored it but it was more fun to see how anal you guys would get) another two times you simply said it was “A reasonable number.” When I finally got this stupidity escalated to a supervisor his immediate response was “10.” Was it that freaking hard or did all the idiots in tech support not want to admit they didn’t know?

In your snottiest tone you’ve told me several times if I want better support, more features and groups I need to subscribe to your paid news service. Yeah, like I’m going to pay for incompetence and bad attitudes, I get that for free. Thanks!

Hawk (gotta get me a better feed…)

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