Score! Sorta…

Okay, I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret… I use Internet Explorer. Yes, yes I do. Stop gasping and fondling your Chrome and Firefox icons you won’t be infected or brain washed. I use it! It works for me. Now, onward…

I have a couple Hotmail accounts that I’ll check back to back every day. When I log out of one I get dumped to an MSN landing page. In the past and for the most part I ignored the landing page entirely and popped right back into Snotmail. BUT, occasionally, some story would catch my eye. Usually something about breasts or cheerleaders or cheerleader’s breasts or… cars. Whenever I clicked one of those MSN links to read the story it would launch Messenger, Microsoft’s online chat and spam tool. Not ONLY would it launch Messenger it would modify my registry because it thought I WANTED Messenger loading at startup. Wasn’t that NICE of Microsoft?

But now? Now when I get dropped to the MSN page it is greyed out and I get an overlay window keeping me from seeing those marginally interesting news stories at all. This window tells me ‘Congratulation your new Bing Bar is ready to use.’ Aren’t you excited? I’m excited! I didn’t even know I had an OLD Bing Bar but now I’ve got a brand new shiny one all ready and waiting for me to click the button… Then it tells me ‘This software may also download and install some updates automatically.’ and right there, I don’t click. I won’t click. And no, I’m STILL not going to switch to Chrome or Firefox or dump Windows and get Linux. I’m content. Microsoft, by trying to force me to install Bing Bar (whatever the hell that is) is protecting me from launching Messenger and having my registry modified. Aren’t they sweet?

Oh, yeah, around Christmas time they also pushed me to a landing page with presents and holiday greetings for everyone and a happy Bing Ding Bar holiday for all… I still wouldn’t click on it. Nope, not me.

Hawk (Had Netscape until it became Nutscrape and I was sad…)

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