It’s a Grill!


Was up at 9:30 this morning calling the store to find out what the delivery time frame would be since they were kind enough to not call the night before. Driver called me an hour later acting like it’s the first he’s heard of this ‘grill delivery’ but he says he can be here between two and four this afternoon. Sure glad I got up bright and early….

3:00 PM on the dot and the doorbell rings (someone actually found the doorbell!). It’s our grill! Get it on the back patio and give it a quite thorough going over. This one seems to be complete and properly put together! The ignighter works, the sideburner works, everything works! Hooray!

I still plan on writing to the corporate office both about the praiseworthy way their managers went about fixing this problem and sadly about the deplorable condition their ‘certified grill assembler’ let a grill go out the door. Bent shelves, whole body askew, missing parts, etc. There was no reason they needed to bring a second grill out here except for that person’s incompetence.

Hawk (happier with Sears than before)

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