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I’ve written about ‘The Power of the Bitch’ before. More than once actually

Basically, it’s not letting corporate America put one over on you or letting yourself sit and stew in your displeasure with a product. If it’s broken, spoiled, stale or doesn’t live up to the hype… SPEAK UP! Be heard. Don’t throw your money away especially in this day and age.

If you’re not happy, tell them. At the very least you should expect an apology for your experience.

And now on with our story… We’ve got some glasses/mugs that are rather tall, pint plus sized. Regular straws aren’t tall enough. In the past we’d bought 10″ tall Diamond brand straws at the local supermarket. They’re remodeling the store and dumping a lot of old products. One of those they ceased carrying was the straws we liked.

I didn’t want to waste the time and effort and put the wear on the car to chase all over the county checking out the ‘where to find our products’ list Diamond had on their web page so I scoured the internet. Did you know tall straws are hard to find? I know it now! Unfortunately Diamond brands do not sell their products from their own web page.

Straws I found were either straight, we wanted the bendy kind, only sold by the carton or outrageously priced. I even found stainless steel straws ,can you imagine what could grow in those if you didn’t clean them carefully?

I wrote to Diamond telling them I couldn’t find their product at the store we’d always bought them at nor could I find them anywhere on the internet. Then I finally stumbled across some slightly shorter, but usable, straws on Amazon, 125 for $2, two freaking dollars! I ordered two bags so we’d have plenty on hand.

Karl Z. a regional sales manager (should that be capitalized?) at Diamond wrote back two weeks later, long after I’d stopped expecting a response. He apologized for the trouble we had finding their product and said if I’d send him my address he would “…see that some of these straws come out to you directly- our compliments.”

I sent him my address and my thanks not really expecting more than a pack or two of their straws (they come 100 to a box) and I wasn’t expecting any immediate action since it had taken weeks to get an initial response out of them.

Just a few days later, long after sunset, the doorbell rings and I hear the UPS truck pulling away. Getting up I found a good sized box on the mat. I hadn’t ordered anything. I asked mom and she wasn’t expecting anything. Puzzled, I opened the box…

Click for full image.

A CASE of straws… Twelve HUNDRED straws! They sent me an entire case of straws for free. That’s like a four year supply of straws on TOP of the couple hundred I just bought.

Sometimes these companies just blow my mind. Anyone need some straws?

Hawk (really a sucker now!)


  1. Kathy

    Okay, okay!! I’m leaving a reply for you. Save me some pink straws because I may be moving down your way within the next year. I’ll need them to drink my strawberry daiquiri’s as I sit by the pool basking in the sun.. But I gotta move closer to Disney. Aren’t you guys like 3 hours away??


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