Oh Blog, My Blog…

Dear blog, I’m so sorry for ignoring you. I really am. I got sick a while ago. It was a cold that turned nasty once I thought I’d gotten over the worst of it. Just a bit of useful information. A fever of 105, sucks.

I was flipping through the TV channels the other day, blog, looking for something, anything at all, to watch and I came across some bubble-gum pop tune on one of the teen/tween channels. The lyrics went something like “Only you can be you. Only I can be me…” OKAY I said to myself. I’ll file that along with “Feel the rain on your face, no one else can feel it for you!” in the ‘NO SHIT, thanks for pointing out the damn obvious’ file. Who writes this crap? What morons is it aimed at? Only you can be you! Really? I never would have known that if you hadn’t screeched it through a pitch changer.

Speaking of things aimed at morons (not guns, sadly) also while channel surfing (when you’re sick and buried under a foot of covers there’s not much else to do BUT watch TV) I caught a new Capitol One commercial where some boss is making her CREDIT CARD employee of the month. Can you imagine sitting around a restaurant with all the other servers and employees who work for tips and slave wages. The boss comes out to announce the employee of the month… and it’s her credit card? Even worse the next scenes they show the employees working extra hard to out do a piece of plastic! If it had happened to me and I hadn’t quit in the few seconds after the insult set in I’d have plotted a cycle of revenge that would have the boss in a nut-house inside of a month.

Still on the subject of TV (I need a life) it was bad enough when Geico latched onto that stupid lizard with the accent as their mascot but now they’ve got some disgusting, able to disregard the laws of physics, pig that screams ‘WHEE!’ at the top of its lungs. Is this supposed to make me WANT to call their company? Did they lobotomize America when I wasn’t looking?

In other news… there isn’t much news. Like I said, I need a life. Got a doctor’s appointment this week, wonder if I’ll get my TWELFTH prescription this visit. Hope to get some used car shopping in afterwards. Been trying all winter to get out and try to replace this twenty-one year old clunker I’m still driving.

Until next time, Blog! I’ll try not to leave you sitting here all alone and abandoned for so long.

Hawk (talking to the blog? Call the men with the tie-down coats)


  1. trish

    I love this post. You’re a wonderful writer and your views on television commentary is clever and funny. I hope you’re feeling much, much better. It sucks to be sick.



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