Sadly, Believable…

I was going to say it was unbelievable but that’d be a lie. It’s believable. For the 3rd Friday in a row my phone’s rung in the middle of the night. 1:15 am tonight, 3:02 am last week and 12:30 am the week before that. And each time it’s the same, brain-dead sounding stoner asking “Uhh….. is Jen there?”

This time I told him; “I told you last week there’s no Jen here. Would you mind getting the number right and not waking me up in the middle of the damn night?”

(un)Believably his response was; “Yeah, whatever, fuck you, jackass!”

He wakes me up for the third week in a row and has the stones to insult me because he’s too damned stoned to dial a freaking phone? I almost *69’d him and asked for Jen but I didn’t feel like starting a war with some unknown imbecile…



  1. John

    Oh, sorry dude… I thought you were Jen.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    That’s ok, I just couldn’t get the ball-gag out of her mouth quick enough for her to talk to you.

  3. Chilly

    Caller ID, my man. It’s a life-saver. The only intelligent invention to come out of the Ma Bell break-up.

  4. hawk (Post author)

    It wouldn’t help. Not in this situation. Phone rings at 1am I’m too out of it to check a caller ID box. I just grab and answer as fast as I can to get it to stop making that horrible noise…

  5. dvus

    Another unfortunate, drug-related tragedy. The only way it could be worse would be if it had happened to me.

  6. hawk (Post author)

    I’ve got your number around here somewhere… ah, well, 411 will have it 🙂


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