Christmas Party Surprise!

Yeah, I’ve probably written about this before but it was at least a year ago so it’s okay to bring it up again as it is topical for the season, right? So here we go…

The scene is this; Years (and years!) ago I was enrolled at a small community college taking some IT classes. A buddy of mine and I have been tasked with putting together a CD of Christmas music for the annual IT/IS Christmas party. This was far back in the mists of time that Napster was still a free file sharing utility. Ask your grandparents kids, they’ll tell you! We, of course, put this off until the very last minute so on the night before the party we were sitting here at my desk, wasted out of our minds, searching Napster for Christmas music.

We’d downloaded enough stuff to fill a CD and since it was getting late we were just sampling each song to make sure the quality was good. We listened to the first :57 seconds of this track and we both said “That’s perfect for the CD!” Chris split and I threw a black disc into my CD burner and called it a night.

The next afternoon we’re gathered around for the IT/IS Christmas party. Thirty or forty students. A half dozen instructors. The dean of the school and her staff. A more straight laced, white bread, crowd of boring couldn’t be hand picked. We’ve sat down to eat and a few songs have played to the approval of the group and then we hear what’s PAST the :57 second mark in this song… I literally fell out of my chair laughing. NO ONE believed we didn’t do it on purpose. I guess I can’t blame them 🙂

To this day it still gives me the giggles when I hear Silent Night by the French Canadian hardcore band… BARF:

Hawk (grinning and giggling)

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