Ugh… Just… Ugh!

So I log in to my online banking and my credit card isn’t listed. I tried to get help online but it kept asking me what account I needed help with and “The one you don’t list!” isn’t one of the freaking options! So I call and meander through the automated system for five minutes and get hung up on. I call back and just start hitting 0. Finally get someone on the line and I ask why my credit card isn’t listed and the guy with an accent straight out of Fargo (at least he more or less spoke English) tells me the account’s been closed. I ask why (I’ve never been late with a payment in 10 years) and I’m told *I* requested it be closed.
So I get transfered over to the credit card people and it turns out a block of cards, mine included, MIGHT have been compromised so they are issuing new cards with new numbers and the old cards while still working (but not being listed online!) will be closed in 30 days! It will be days before my new card appears online. Ugh. I didn’t need this today.

Hawk (aches)

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