Way to Go Bank….

On May 14th I mentioned that my credit card had disappeared from my online banking accounts list and after running around in a few circles I found out what had happened.

On the 16th I received an email from my bank telling me vaguely that my current account number was being canceled and a new card was being issued. It went on to say that if I wanted to know more I could contact them online or by phone…

It took until the 20th for my new card to arrive which wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t impressive shipping either. The time I reported a lost debit card they sent the replacement 2nd day air.

Yesterday (May 21st) the phone rang and when I answered it I got a recording from my bank telling me everything the phone support person had on the 14th plus it said my new card, already in my wallet, would arrive in seven to ten days…

Let’s hear it for after the fact action!

Hawk (practically knew that was going to happen)

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