How Do They Get Away With It?

Both mom and I are in dire need of a new mattress. Her’s is even older than mine and pretty beat up. I had followed the salesman’s advice years ago and gotten an ‘extra firm’ mattress due to my size and it’s been like sleeping on a brick these past too many years.

We gathered up the ads for several local mattress stores and headed out this morning. Our first stop was Mattress1On they had the best LOOKING prices… until you read the small print. They had a nice, high end mattress advertized at $479 but then it said EACH PIECE but that’s okay. I’ve got a platform bed and mom’s box spring is fine, we’ll just buy the… oh wait, there in the really small print it says ‘Sold in sets only’. But we decided to check them out anyhow.

When we arrive we were ignored, completely. There were two employees and one couple shopping all of them were having a nice chat in the back of the store for all they cared we didn’t exist. We didn’t even get a welcome or a hello.

We looked at a couple mattresses then I approached a salesman sitting on his ass and doing nothing… well, unless consider ignoring us as ‘something’. I asked him about the pricing and he said yes, they’re all sold in pairs (or three pieces for king size beds) so any price we see should be doubled to get the actual price. I explained that neither of us needed a box spring, he said that was okay, they’d discount the price of the box spring from the final sale. I asked “So this mattress here that’s $499 for each piece that’s about $1000 for the set and you’ll discount $499 from that price, right?” he says “No, box springs cost much less than mattresses, I’d probably give you $100 discount.” SO I asked how he could advertize that EACH piece was a specific price but THAT price wouldn’t be discounted from the sale if I didn’t buy one of the pieces. He came up with some convoluted bullshit about how the price per piece was only there to give customers an idea of what they were paying for EACH piece… I stopped him there and we went back to the “If EACH piece is a specific price and you’re going to discount the price of ONE of those pieces from the sale why isn’t THAT pieces advertized price the amount of the discount?” He started getting flustered so I changed tack and asked about the delivery. It’s free… woops, on purchases of $799 or more and ONLY on certain items. I looked at him for a moment longer and mom said “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Then we drove across town to Mattress Barn where we were greeted by the employees the moment we opened the door even though they were both helping other customers at the time. When one salesman got free he helped us out immensely; making suggestions on what to try out, what was in our price range and showing a broad knowledge of the store’s inventory. He even went so far as to look up the mattress only price each time we said we liked one of the mattresses we were trying out. Their delivery he said was free on any purchase and they’d of course remove the old bedding if we wanted them to. All the stores had sales going on for Memorial day but the prices here were fantastic. We easily each saved a couple hundred dollars over the prices at Mattress1One. Oh yeah, we even got next day delivery.

Hawk (will be sleeping on a cloud soon!)

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