Hey, Garmin!

I’m now twenty minutes into downloading ‘required components’ after spending more than five minutes downloading Garmin Express (Express? Really? You guys must have been hitting the martinis really hard to come up with that joke of a name). So now, over thirty minutes after clicking ‘update maps’ on your map update web page I’ve yet to start UPDATING THE MAPS on my Garmin GPS. What joker thought it would be easier to foist off a completely unnecessary program that takes forever to install to take the place of CLICKING A BUTTON ON A WEB PAGE?! I’m sure glad I’ve got a 30 megabit downstream internet pipe for you to trickle your data down to me at… oh, look at that, dial-up speeds at 5:00 AM (EST) on a Sunday morning. Oh look, an unknown transfer error just occurred while updating my firmware. What are the chances your wondrous new way of updating (that, to be honest, sucks!) has just turned my expensive GPS into an expensive paperweight? Here’s a crayon, color me very unhappy.

The above was all their feedback section of the web page allowed me to enter.

I’d also like to add, now 40 minutes into this ‘Express’ map update. Their Express software (gods, I practically giggle every time I type that) is bogging down my computer worse than any other program I own. Even Photoshop with a 20 meg file open doesn’t cause this kind of lag. The firmware update animation keeps playing and the error still sits there. The map update has yet to finish downloading let alone the actual update process. If they’ve turned my GPS into a brick or lost the dozens of favorites I’ve programmed into it I’m going to be mighty upset. This all used to be done with a simple click of a button on their update web page. Who the hell thought this would be better or easier?!

Well the download of the map update finally finished and I was prompted to disconnect my GPS from the PC, restart it, wait to see if it exploded and then reconnect it to the computer. Happily it wasn’t a paperweight. So after reconnected the GPS to the computer the Express (snicker!) software promptly began download the entire map update again! Also again at dial-up speeds. I went and read for a while and when I came back… the update had failed and the software started downloading the maps AGAIN! My PC is so bogged down by a map update that I can’t even switch to that program to check on it’s status! This is such a joke.

{update the 2nd}
Finally. Third time’s the charm as they say. After another thirty or so minutes the map update downloaded and installed. Said it was installed and then said the very same map update was available, again! Restarted the GPS even though doing so wasn’t mentioned now. Finally, final. No updates available… hey, wait, what’s that process running there? The one taking up more memory than just about all the other resident programs combined? That’s the Garmin updater! There are four map updates a year. Once every three months. So for eighty-nine days or so this application is going to sit on my computer eating up memory and bogging things down just so I don’t have to wait ten seconds for it to start the next time I connected the GPS?! Ugh… guess what I’m uninstalling the moment I press the update button on the blog here…

Hawk (only time will tell… lots and lots of time.)


  1. Jimmy Farias

    Consider yourself lucky. I am stuck on downloading required components. It keeps telling me that the attempt has failed and to try again.

  2. UnluckyIn LongIsland

    I’m trying for two days to get the updated maps. I have done this previously for a GPS unit that I bought a year ago. In the past, Garmin Express worked great – but now it fails during the initialization. It is trying to “download components”, and about half way through it fails with the message “Failed. Try Again?”. I wonder in what third-world country that software is written and hosted, as these errors seem consistent and impacting thousands of users yet Garmin DOESN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!
    I was going to get a new unit from Costco, but considering the courtesy Garmin extends to its customers I’ll look for another brand.

  3. Stephen E. Handel

    My problem is the same as others. Express will not initialize, telling me it failed and to try again. I have tried so many times my fingers ache. So much for lifetime maps. When the failed message appears, its a brick wall, as they do not tell you why it failed to initialize. I will never again purchase a Garmin product.


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