UPS Mail Innovations

UPS Mail Innovations, a system by which UPS picks up a package, moves it and then dumps it into the USPS delivery system… 

What a freaking joke. I ordered three PS2 games from WalMart on the 9th. All were in stock and ready to go. The package(s?) shipped on 12th. Three days is a bit long to get an order out the door but acceptable I guess. It then took 24 hours for my package(s?) to go from the WalMart distribution center in Paulsboro, New Jersey to the UPS Mail Innovations center in Atlanta, Georgia, it arrived there on the 13th. It’s now the 15th and the package JUST LEFT the UPS Mail Innovations center in the hands of the United States Postal Service. Almost three FULL DAYS to leave the facility! If I had known they used such a bullshit shipping method I would have opted to spend the extra cash for direct delivery without all this crap. I’m rather annoyed.



  1. Jason

    Hawk, I feel you. I just bought a game through and it is taking forever. I should’ve known better. Next time, order your games through Much faster.


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