To Whom it May Concern:

Nine years ago was the last time I did business with Eyeglass World. I should have known better. I should have listened to myself but when I called your Melbourne FL store on July 08th you had the best price by far on an eyeglass exam so I took a chance and made the appointment. I explained to the gentleman who answered the phone that I was entitled to an EyeMed discount through my Humana Part D Medicare coverage plan. He said you honored the discount (I knew that as I got your number from the EyeMed website). He wasn’t sure of the amount of the discount but assured me it would apply to the current sale price on eye exams you were having they would simply run my Humana ID and your computer would apply the proper discount. I should have known better.

The moment I arrived I explained to the woman who checked me in about the Humana/EyeMed discount. She knew nothing about it. She could not grasp that it was not EyeMed insurance but a courtesy discount offered to Humana members. She loudly questioned several other employees who also appeared to have no idea what to do. After several minutes she returned and said that because you were having a sale on eyeglass exams you would not accept my EyeMed discount and if I wanted to use it I would have to be charged the non-sale price of the exam and my discounted price would be nowhere near the sale price. She rather rudely asked me if I really wanted the courtesy discount. I should have walked out then. I should have known better.

Even though your receipt says Dr. Erin Shannon I was seen by Dr. Bruce Stein a particularly humorless person. Dr Stein was rushed and very much in a hurry to get things over with. During the initial portion of my exam I was left sitting with my face stuck in a machine while the doctor, another patient and one of your employees discussed living in rural Montana. I should have walked out then.

As my hurried exam was concluding the completely INDEPENDENT doctor asked me if I was going to purchases single vision or bifocals today. I mistakenly told INDEPENDENT doctor that I did not plan on purchasing glasses from the Eyeglass World establishment and that I was only there for the exam. I asked the doctor then if he would measure my pupillary distance for me. I wanted a medical professional to do the job to ensure I had the correct numbers. He informed me in a tone I did not appreciate that ‘the company’, that he is completely independent from, does not provide that service for patients who plan to take their business elsewhere. I can perhaps understand not being willing to do this simple, 30 second task, for someone walking in off the street but I was a PATIENT and your not very independent doctor rudely refused to do it.

Shortly after I got home I was examining my new prescription and comparing it to one I had done at another facility two years earlier. Dr. Stein had indicated that my prescription had changed slightly. I noticed that the ‘cylinder’ number for my right eye which was previously -2.00 was now 2.00. There is no negative/minus symbol on this prescription. There is an enormous difference between -2.00 and +2.00.

Concerned I called the Eyeglass World location to verify what the correct number should be. It took me five full minutes to get the person who answered the phone to understand that I wanted to confirm an entry on my prescription. After quite a while on hold the woman came back on the line and we went over the numbers. She stated, emphatically, that the doctor had written -2.00. I have two copies, neither of which show the “-“ sign. I don’t know if this omission was gross incompetence, a stupid mistake or maliciously done as it was written after I declared I was not purchasing eyeglasses this day and the atmosphere had become chilly and the tone rude and condescending. Had I used that prescription without uncovering the glaring mistake I fear it would have had a very negative impact on my vision.

Nine years ago Eyeglass World failed me utterly. $200 glasses that fell apart on the ride home from picking them up. More than a week to resolve the issue afterwards. I should have known better. I should have gone elsewhere. Rest assured that in the future I shall.

[address redacted]

You still owe me the Humana/EyeMed discount.

Hawk (should REALLY have known better.)

The above was sent to Eyeglass World’s corporate support address.
We shall see how they handle this.

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