My Games Are Here!

Heh, the tracking info shows the package was delivered at 5:40 AM. Just slightly inaccurate, no? The mailman/woman/person hasn’t gotten to my house earlier than noon, ever and usually isn’t here until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Ah well, they’re here. Guess I wasted the time I spent writing a nasty-gram to WalMart.

Tried a few of the demos on the JamPack disc. SLOW loading thing that it is. A couple look interesting and there’s a GTA demo so I can check out J.I.’s recommendation. I managed to fly into a mountain, twice, in the Air Combat demo and the ATV demo is amusing in that it won’t let you go off course and do head on collisions with your opponents.

Hot Shot’s Golf: Fore looks promising. Pretty easy to control in the mini-golf game. Gotta mess with the configuration and give it some time. I could use a break from FFXII (240+ hours so far into that!).

Haven’t tried the Dragon Quest. I’m going to leave that until I finish Final Fantasy.

Off to the games!


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