Hey, Fuel Rewards Network

Just a suggestion… How about next time, instead of spending what must be millions painting and driving RVs around the country, buying silly costumes, filming TV commercials and creating games to make people play, you just divvy up the money as fuel rewards evenly among all Fuel Rewards members so those of us who had absolutely no chance to partake in the festivities can benefit as well. Being excluded, simply by not living near enough to one of the places you showed up kinda sucks.

The nearest you were to my house was over 150 miles away. A 300 mile round trip to save a few dollars off my next gasoline purchase is patently silly. It would be nice if you helped ALL your members and not just a lucky few. I’m sure more people couldn’t make it to these events than could.

Love the program. Hate being excluded.

Hawk (gassy…)

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