The New 52x “Nodak” Camera

The Astro Zoom AZ521 (ok, I hate the name already, that’s the name of the dog in ‘The Jetsons’ for Pete’s sake) It may have the Kodak brand on it but it’s a JK Imaging product lacking the Schneider lens Kodak had been using. This is no Kodak, it’s a Nodak!

I downloaded the user’s manual ’cause no one local has one to look at and they’ve committed a cardinal sin against camera users which I cannot forgive so I will not be ordering one. Will get to that in a minute.

They have packed on the features, wow have they, in color modes alone in PASM there is Japan, French, Italian, Punk and numerous other styles (which aren’t described at all).

They have done some nice things; You can turn off the auto-focus assist lamp. You can finally turn off the digital zoom, max shutter speed is up to 30 seconds. All things the Z990 would have been even better for having.

Design wise… it looks old. It looks dated. It looks like the found the molds for something else from six or seven years ago and crammed their optics and hardware into it. It doesn’t look refined at all.

And sorry “Nodak” (you ain’t Kodak) the big NO SALE light rang up the instant I saw the camera, a 52x mega zoom camera lacks an optical view finder. Pow! I went from “I kinda like this…maybe.” to “What the hell were these idiots thinking?!” in all of two seconds. One glance at the back of the camera and it became immediately clear that no matter hoe big the lens. No matter how many features and options they cram inside, this is a casual user’s camera. What were they THINKING?! A 52x high end bridge camera with no view finder? *sigh*

I wear Xtractive Transitions lenses in my glasses. They get pitch black in even mild sun. Trying to see an LCD screen is impossible. Even the OVF on the Z990 is hard to use with these glasses.

Kodak cameras are well and truly Dead. As far as I’m concerned the Z990 was their pinnacle. They are no more. This makes me sad.

Hawk (sad bird)

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