Eureka… Literally, Sucks.

Found a decent Eureka vacuum for sale on Groupon. The price was decent, about half what Amazon was asking at the time I looked, and even came with free shipping and returns.

It gets here and I’m putting it together, didn’t need a single tool which was cool. I’m following the directions and putting all the bits and pieces into the places the bits and pieces go. I end up with an extra attachment, a long, flexible, crevice tool, that didn’t seem to have a place on the body of the vacuum. Everything mounts to the body or is supposed to, right?! I check the user’s manual (snicker, six pages, three languages no real info), download the one from the Eureka web site and it’s the same thing in PDF format.

So I say ‘what the hell, there’s nothing on TV, I’ve got some painkillers mellowing out my mind, let’s try the web support chat!’

Support agent pops into chat rather quickly which was a surprise… and the only good part of the experience. Did I just ruin the story with foreshadowing?

I tell her the model I bought and the tool I can’t find a place for (stop snickering!). Then she asks me for the model number… it’s still on the screen. This is off to a good start. Each response from here takes minutes to appear. We go over exactly what my question is, again, and she tells me where it’s supposed to be connected to the vacuum. Except, she’s wrong. I’m sitting here with the vacuum and the user’s joke… manual. So we go over the model number and exactly which part I’m talking about and she tells me where it’s supposed to be attached…. Except, she’s completely wrong, again. I asked her if she was checking the wrong model and she said she was having computer problems and had to reboot and the chat ends. *poof*

S’okay… I’m somewhat annoyed now and I want an answer. It’s a stupid, simple question. It shouldn’t be hard for the company that makes the dumb thing to know their own products. The manual says their call center is still open. ‘Hey,’ I said, ‘it can’t get any worse, right?’

I call and I’m on hold and on hold and oh my gods they’re playing Olivia Newton John!

Finally someone gets on the phone. She sounds like she’s 2,000 years old and completely lost. I tell her the model number of the vacuum I just bought and the question I had about it. She asks me for my name. I give her my first name and now she wants my last name… ‘You don’t need my name to answer a simple question about the assembly of one of your vacuums.’ So now she asks me if I know the model number of the vacuum I purchased which I’d just told her. I tell her again. She asks me what part I’m asking about, which I’d just told her. She gets the part wrong. Two more times. Then she asks me if the part I’m asking about CAME with the unit I bought.

I’m back on hold but it’s generic hold music… and on hold, and on hold. She comes back on the line and asks me for the model number of the vacuum I’m calling about and what part I’m concerned with (augh!) and she puts me back on hold. Five minutes later she comes back onto the line and says “That part doesn’t mount to the vacuum body.” and that’s it. I hang up.

What a bargain! I think I’ll send this to Eureka corporate. You’d think with so many people out of work they could cherry pick from at least the better phone support people instead of hiring from the bottom of the barrel.

Hawk (if it weren’t for pain meds my head would have exploded)


  1. Jzz04

    I doubt the customer service people you spoke with were eureka employees, or worked anywhere near the factory they came from. You actually own the product & spent time trying to assemble it, which probably made you 10 times more experienced than the person on the other end of the line.

    Does the vacuum work without the mystery part attached? If yes, how important can that part be? Use it until it breaks, then go buy an oreck. It costs more, but the people at the oreck store know their product. They will even assemble it for you. It sucks to pay up for decent service, but it is less aggravating.

  2. Carl

    Maybe you could use the “spare” part to beat em over the head with.


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