Amazon to Collect Florida State Sales Tax…

…idiots foam at the mouth in protest.

A few excerpts from a recent discussion board conversation about the recent announcement that Amazon will begin collecting sales tax in Florida starting May the first.

“Yes, this combined with their raising the cost of Amazon Prime will probably cost them a lot of our shopping dollars.”

“How wonderful. I love giving my money to the government at all levels”

“No thanks. The tax break was what made me look on line instead of buying local and having the merchandise the same day. Bye bye, Amazon.”

“Between the LOUSY Fedex Smartpost and now 6% tax, I’m going back to Best Buy for most stuff. I’ll still use shop the deals and stuff on here but they’re losing about 50% of my business.”

And my response to the whole Kerfluffle.

‘Yes, because it’s always better to waste your time and gas as well as put wear on your car to drive to a store staffed by mental midgets AND pay the same sales tax you’re bitching about Amazon collecting which you were legally responsible for paying even when they weren’t collecting it. Yes, brilliant protest!

Gas is $3.65 a gallon. Summer’s just about here. There’s nothing better than heading out into 90° heat with 90% humidity instead of sitting in a cool air conditioned house and shopping online.

You show ’em, Lee! (Lee wrote one of the complaints above)

Oh, and the best part! When something you buy at the local Best Buy breaks. ’cause stuff breaks ya know. Instead of calling Amazon and spending five minutes arranging for them to have UPS pick it up from your house and ship it back YOU get to drive back to Best Buy and stand in line to return it! Isn’t that AWESOME!

Me? I’m going to shop online and then go jump in the pool. Have a nice time in traffic!’

Hawk (Hi pool…)

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  1. Carl

    I think that all the people who were able to take advantage of not paying Florida’s sales tax on Amazon should be happy that they caught a break when they did. I don’t think it’s right to be mad at Amazon now that they do have to collect Florida sales tax, I’m sure it wasn’t their idea or very voluntary. I think you brought up a very valid point, by the time you put gas in the car and do all the traveling back and forth I’m sure you wouldn’t be saving anything buy “going to Best-Buys” instead. As far as myself, the only reason I don’t shop on-line for things is when I want them right away as apposed to waiting for it to be shipped and then wondering when it will actually get there.
    Good luck and happy shopping wherever you may shop.


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