I’m laying here in bed gradually feeling my bladder reach the point of no return. And it’s felt like hours have gone by. I’ve dozed on and off but no real sleep that’s been a distant and long over due visitor. Chemicals, no chemicals sleep avoids you like that guy who borrowed a buck for a beer at the bar the other night and keeps ducking you.
And time, what the hell is up with time? Your favorite TV show, boom, the hour’s gone. Dreading a Doctor’s visits and pow you gotta leave or you’ll be late. Got nothing going on and seconds stretch into hours. I just woke, sorta, and asked my Echo what time it was expecting three, four in the morning. Time to take my morning meds, have breakfast then try and sleep again for a few hours and it’s just one thirty in the morning. I didn’t sleep a wink. Time hates me. But at least my bladder is full. Hooray.

Hawk (prince of Pissulvania. . .)

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