The Definition of Hero

We for the most part take our military for granted. During peace times we under fund and disparage them. In war we often revile them for their actions. We listen to celebrities who pretend they know what they’re talking about when it comes to military action. We rarely pay attention to the acts of individual soldiers who, above and beyond the call of duty, risk their lives not for us, not for the government but because it’s their job.

I invite you now to spend a little time reading about what it means to be a hero…

Medal of Honor Citations

Since it’s creation during the Civil War only 3.440 Medals of Honor have been awarded. There have been NINETEEN double recipients of the Medal of Honor.

An excerpt as an example. An already wounded soldier:
…for 4 hours, Pfc. Atkins determinedly remained in his fox hole, bearing the brunt of each assault and maintaining steady and accurate fire until each charge was repulsed. At 7 a.m., 13 enemy dead lay in front of his position; he had fired 400 rounds, all he and his 2 dead companions possessed, and had used 3 rifles until each had jammed too badly for further operation. He withdrew during a lull to secure a rifle and more ammunition, and was persuaded to remain for medical treatment. While waiting, he saw a Japanese within the perimeter and, seizing a nearby rifle, killed him. A few minutes later, while lying on a litter, he discovered an enemy group moving up behind the platoon’s lines. Despite his severe wound, he sat up, delivered heavy rifle fire against the group and forced them to withdraw.


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