Broke out the blanket for the first time this year. It’s 47 out and the heat has been on a couple of times but the nerve damage makes my hands and feet feel like they’re in buckets of ice so I grabbed my blanket. Guaranteed I’ll wake up sweating but to be honest. I drove around in a car where only the driver’s side window was down, stuck down at that (rain storms sucked) the passenger side was locked up and the company I’d paid $1,400 to have the A/C work six months had folded and left me screwed. So heat? Heat I can deal with as long as I’m out of the direct sun. Cold hurts. It’s one of the many reasons I hate hospitals, they’re always freezing. So, November 21st first day of heat (maybe it was on last night, not sure.) and I dragged my blanket across the bed. . . I’m also up at 2:30am. Yay me. Guess I’ll go read. Laters.

Hawk I need flannel sheets.

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