Goodbye Greg. . .

I was and still am crazy for King Crimson and Emerson Lake & Palmer, I can’t imagine what EL&P would have sounded like had the negotiations gone through and Jimi Hendrix hadn’t died. But, water under an old bridge. Today we say goodbye to a master. . . actually two John Glenn passed away just recently and as much as his actions affected out lives and his unbridled bravery helped move the space program forward, he will be missed. But at least for me, not as much as Greg Lake who proved you didn’t need a dedicated guitar player (but what would they have sounded like with Jimi?!) to form a successful and incredibly popular band. He, along with a few others such as John Entwistle also proved to the musical masses that the bass wasn’t relegated to keeping time in the background, barely heard with the rare momentary solo. They made the bass PART of the band, and integral, important, significant part of the music and for me, it changed my life. After my first listen to ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ my mind was blown. Nothing could sound that powerful and complex. The intertwining and mixing of the sounds. I’ll admit it gave a chemically altered brain pathways to follow and explore. The ability to listen to each instrument, including my favorite, the bass. Greg Lake helped change music forever. Emerson, Lake & Palmer left a footprint no one’s been able t fill, though many have tried.
Greg, you will be greatly missed. Your music is still something I look forward to and always turn the volume up when it comes on. Goodbye brother. If there’s is a Heaven you’ve joined one hell of a house band. You will not be forgotten. . .
Young Greg Lake
Greg Lake on Stage
Greg Lake with a Dual Neck Bass & Guitar

Hawk (Saddened beyond belief)

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