A Great Christmas Eve

Mom and I feasted on take-out (okay, delivery) Chinese and then we went to a local area called the Lockmar lights (named after the development they’re in) it’s block after block where the majority of the neighbors have gone absolutely insane with the Christmas lights. They’ve put arches of different colors, blinking and even artful centers on the tops. There’s hundreds of arches and trees with tens of thousands of lights wrapped and draped around them. There’s even dozens of families out in their yards (especially on Christmas Eve) and driveways having fires and get togethers. There were musical displays and even a Santa passing out candy-canes (too many people in front of us so we didn’t get to see him). Saw these cool icicle lights that looked as if they were dripping off a tree, never saw anything like that before. We both had a blast and I was able to spend about an hour crawling around block after block before my hip began to scream. I think we saw 90% of the lights before I had to head for home. I was so glad I was able to keep my promise to mom to take her out to see lights this year.
If you’re in the area head for Dickinson Street Northeast in Palm Bay and you can’t miss the lights. There’s even a church on the corner of Emerson and Nesbitt that’s lit up with arches that helps you find the turn. A GPS or map is rather helpful! Go, I think they’re up until at least the 1st of January. They’re absolutely amazing and completely free. You’ll have a great time if you like amazing Christmas lighting.

Merry Christmas, Hawk

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