Here we go again…

Did someone mention rain?

For close to a week now the local weather forecasters have been hyping this tropical wave that has moved through the area here at the end of June. We’ve heard phrases like “torrential rain”, “possible flooding”, “Too much rain?” over and over. Last night’s forecast called for INCHES of rain here in Southern Brevard. Even the NOAA web site has called for heavy rain, 70 and 80 percent chances of ‘significant’ rainfall accumulation. All told I think it’s rained for a grand total of twenty minutes here with maybe a quarter to a half inch of rain. How can these people be so spectacularly wrong over and over? We’re supposed to be able to trust these people. We do, after all, live in an area known for extreme weather. But they’ve shown us, repeatedly, that their predictions are little more than guesses, wrong, totally inaccurate, sensationalist guesses. All this modern technology. Big radar sites around the state. Years of college education and they’re no more accurate than grandma’s weather knee. I for one feel less than happy about trusting my safety to these wildly inaccurate forecasts.

Hawk (my knee says no rain)

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