That was cool…

So, I headed over to to redeem some points and order the ‘Eureka‘ Season One DVD set. I browsed around looking to spend the least amount of points possible. I also shopped around for the cheapest DVDs I could get. Both coincided at Barnes & Noble‘s web page. Coolest part is B&N is a shopping partner with MyPoints so I earned 10 points per dollar spent at the site using the instant online gift certificate from MyPoints. I also earned points covering the difference between the gift certificate and the purchase price by using my MyPoints credit card AND I got free three day shipping AND I got an email saying my order will ship tomorrow, July 6th! Total out of pocket cost to me was $4.67. The shipping notification came within two minutes of placing the order. I’m pretty impressed with Barnes and Noble. The last order I placed online was with WalMart and they took four days just to get the package out the door and a week to get it here.

Hawk (In a happy place)

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