Damnit… :(

Nasty bad horrible thunderstorm popped up out of nowhere the other day. I was sitting here at the PC getting ready to shut it down if the storm came any closer when my speakers gave this hissing surf sound and then quit. They hiss when the volume’s turned all the way up but there’s no damn sound whatsoever. I tore apart the subwoofer box to check the fuse and it seems ok but I’ve got to get it tested. The gods know even if it is the fuse if I can get this back together without breaking something. It was a real pain in the ass to get apart. I uninstalled the sound card and let it reinstall itself, there’s no conflicts and Windows says it’s working right. I dug my old boombox out of the garage, it’s what I used for years on a previous PC but after testing it with my Playstation 2 (beat crawling under the desk) I got no audio from that so it’s dead. I’ve got no way to test the sound card for positive output now. I can’t afford a new, decent, set of speakers and/or a new card and being something of an audiophile I really don’t want to buy crap to replace them. I really don’t want to put ANY money into this old machine but then, I can’t afford a new PC either. Damnit!

Hawk (about to cry)

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