Go stand under a tree…

So I’m watching the news the other day and they’re doing a story about air conditioning bills, power use and the dangers of leaving things like fans running when you’re not around. They were interviewing some fireman (firechief?) who actually said “Air conditioning isn’t always the best way to keep cool. You can just go stand under a tree in the shade.” Yes, that’s right. It’s NINETY FOUR degrees outside, the humidity is at 85% and the heat index is somewhere around ONE HUNDRED AND SIX degrees and they want you to go stand under a tree? Of course this interview was taking place in an air conditioned office and not out standing under a tree in the shade. Other brilliant ideas they offered; “When you go to work in the morning, turn the A/C off.” OFF! In 2004 after the 2nd hurricane when the power came back on the temperature INSIDE our house was ninety two. They want you to come home to this every single day. Are they smoking crack?! They also warned that you should turn your ceiling fans off when you leave the room or the house. Fans that circulate air and cut down on your cooling costs (our electric bill was over $250 last month) should be turned off because of the infinitesimal chance of a fire. I’ve got two ceiling fans that have been running since I moved down here twelve years ago (was it 12?) and other than the occasional odd noise they’re still working fine. Idiots on TV, not all that surprising, huh?

Hawk (feeling better!)

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