What a stupid question…

Found the following question in the local section of our newspaper: 

“If a hurricane were to hit Brevard County and you could only take three items with you (excluding family members), what would they be and why?”

Here’s what I sent them: 

This is a patently stupid question. How can anyone be expected to choose just three items from a household to save from a hurricane? Item in and of itself is ambiguous. Does one CD count as an ‘item’ or can I put all my CDs in a box and call that an ‘item’? is there a limit to the size of the items? I mean we’re being asked a ridiculous question why not give a ridiculous answer? My first reaction, which made my mother laugh, was “The house, my car and her car.” Those count as ‘items’ don’t they? If I were going to evacuate before a hurricane I’d like to bring along a change of clothes, a book to read and my mother’s medication. Are those the only three items we’re allowed to save? The question is ridiculous. I find nothing amusing or insightful about it. My honest answer is; If I could only take three items from my home if a hurricane were impending, I’d stay put and hope for the best.

Hawk (is my sanity an item?)

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