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PET Scan? Do I have Kittens?!

So my oncologist ordered a PET scan and I went to have it done this morning. They inject you with a radioactive dye which the technician handles behind five inch thick lead blocks and even the needle they use for the dye injection is wrapped in a half inch thick lead jacket… they’re putting this shit INTO me! Then they sit you in a darkened room in a comfy chair to relax why the dye permeates throughout your body. It would have been a lot more relaxing with headphones, their PA system went off every 30 seconds.

So the dye’s done it’s job and it’s time for the scan. I find out it’s a combo PET and CAT scan My THIRD CAT scan in two months… I’m going to glow in the damn dark soon! They put you on this foot wide table (I’m a LOT wider than that) that’s as hard as a rock and then, because I’m a big guy I had to put my arthritic arms above my head. Worse my left shoulder won’t lay flat so I have to grip the ‘above your head handgrip’ for my RIGHT arm to drag it down low enough to get me through the machine. It was beyond agony. The entire time it felt like someone was pushing and pulling a red hot ice-pick through my shoulder.

The CAT scan goes by real quick then the tech comes out and says they’re starting the PET scan. Come to find out the scanner does seven inches of your body, pauses, slides you down and does the next seven inches. After about thirty minutes of the scan the table ejects me, the tech comes out and tells me the scanner crashed, they need to reboot the entire system do a test scan and then re-scan the two sections of my body the system glitched on. We can’t even skip it because, of course, the glitch happened when they were scanning the lower area of my lung and chest which is where the three ‘somethings’ the previous CAT scan turned up are.

I get to sit out in the waiting area for five or ten minutes and then I have to go back into hell with my shoulders doing things it just doesn’t want to do. Another ten, twelve, minutes in a tube just a little bigger than me. Did I ever mention I got stuck in a cave once years ago and thought I was never getting out? Yeah, this was a fun, fun, fun day!

But… I made it through though even now, twelve hours later, my shoulder is still throbbing. This typing isn’t helping!

So now, as Tom Petty said; “The waiting is the hardest part…”

I’m thinking, hoping, that if the oncologist keeps the appointment scheduled in three weeks the news will be good or at least not devastating. On the other hand if they call in the next couple days and say they need to see me right away… yeah, this is going to be a fun filled few days.

Hawk (a giant bundle of nerves)