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Chilly New Years Eve Eve

10:25pm and it’s 47 degrees out there in Palm Bay. Now I used to laugh about camping in single and negative digits, you got the best sites, no noisy neighbors and best of all not one damn mosquito (I have been bitten outside in these Florida temperatures!) But now? My blood has thinned, my nerves have suffered serious damage. Even the 40’s are too cold. Give me the mid 70’s any day. I’ve actually pulled out my warm blanket. Of course on the First it’s supposed to be back up around 80 again! No wonder so many people get sick down here with these crazy fluctuations. It’s also freaking hell on the arthritis and joints. I feel like a 90 year old man I hurt so bad. It’s not doing mom a lot of good either. She’s in a lot of pain. I think our chances of seeing the ball drop are about 0. I want to keep the tradition of getting a picture of the first sunrise of the new year but it depends on the pain level.

Hawk – Happy Early New Year to Anyone Reading This