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Winter Weather

While many of my poor northern friends have already seen snow this year this is Florida’s dry season which is why downpours are extremely rare. I jot dripped on going out to get the mail but as I was curling back up in be to read (hey, what else do you do when the heavens open up, huh?) it really started coming down. Even better and rarer there have been some blasts of thunder so loud it felt like the house was moving. It’s still rumbling off in the distance as I write this. But a thunderstorm in December? Not that’s rare. And I’ve got hours until I have to cook supper so I can curl up with a good, spooky, book and drown out the sound of my mother watching TV 30′ away. Look for the review soon’ish.
Happy Thundersday! Hail Thor!

Hawk (ready, set. . . read)