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What the Hell is Wrong With Denny’s?

My mom sees her doctor once every four months. When we’re done with the visit, I play the part of the chauffeur not sure if mom is Miss Daisy or Tess. . . I’m leaning more towards Tess. Well anyway. When her appointment is over we treat ourselves to Denny’s. Sometimes breakfast or lunch but most of the time we’re bad (if either of our doctors is reading this, look away) and treat ourselves to desert, usually hot fudge sundaes.
So we walk in and there’s a line of people paying and getting ready to leave. And the cashier is slow as molasses in winter. She keeps making mistakes and calling for the manager. For some reason neither she nor any other employee thought the elderly lady who had to sit down and the disabled gentlemen on a walker would like to be seated. We were forced to wait until everyone was checked out.
On the left seating area I saw an open table just ten feet away. As we followed the receptionist we passed row upon row of empty tables. We walked through a maze of empty tables, not easy to do on a walker until we were seated as far from the door as it was possible to get and still be in the restaurant. Service was acceptable, perfectly trained to ask how everything is and not at all prepared to have a mouthful of ice cream spit back in the glass so she could be told “Just fine, thanks.”
So pissed off about the stupidity in the seating. There were open tables everywhere and we walked past them all. It caused us pain and was downright rude and insulting to make the elderly and disabled walk so far when there was open seats everywhere.
There are plenty of other restaurants all in the same area. Denny’s may lose some business.

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