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Book Reviews, Anyone?

I honestly don’t know who if anyone is following the blog. There’s been no comments but then I gave a weeks notice that I was taking some time off from Facebook and I got one smartass public comment, not one actual request for my email address and two people, one of which who’s sent an email. I guess I’m not as popular as I was. So maybe posting some book reviews might generate some traffic or comments.

I just finished ‘The Boy Who Drew Monsters‘ by Keith Donohue and my review. . .
‘I’m still confused. It’s a horror story but it’s not. It’s a ghost story but it’s not. JP’s parents can’t decide if he’s getting better or worse. His mother’s realized some but oh so far from the real truth while his father lives in a complete delusion where he believes it’s just going to take a good talking to and maybe a shake or two and his boy will be just fine.
We come across a housekeeper at a local church who says that she can help the boy. I almost wish the author had let that story line play out. It would have changed things, extended the drama. Perhaps even brought the disbelievers, the priest and the father (who seemed to begin to understand something right at the end) deeper into the story. It felt a little rushed but also dragged in places. A better editing would help. I must say, even though there were a few breadcrumbs of hints the twist at the very end caught me pretty much by surprise. I also liked that it ended right there. Leave us guessing, let us wonder. And whatever you do NO sequels! Let the story stand on it’s own. It shouldn’t, it doesn’t need to, continue. It’s over. Let it rest.’

Since I’m in a spooky book mood my next read is going to be ‘Haunt Book One – Dead Scared’

Hawk (Spooky books for Christmas? Why the hell not?)