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I’m wearing socks!

Yes, that’s right, socks! I haven’t worn socks or for that matter anything other than sandals on my feet for close to three years! Crazy ass weather we’re having here in FL. I feel truly sorry for those people left homeless by the tornados we’ve had this winter. I feel a little less sorry for the idiots camping out at the Daytona Speedway waiting for the races this weekend but then I don’t really care for NASCAR at all…



Damned Cockbite!

Went out this morning to go to the store and found this lovely bit of artwork on the side of the house:

Cocokbite tagger

Bastard kids with nothing to do but fuck up other people’s property. Anyone think the cops will ever catch the little prick? Yeah, me neither…


Having Money is apparently a crime…

What the fuck? I just read a story in today’s paper (Florida Today) in which when a teacher noticed a student with a large wad of cash he or she called the school resource officer. What? Having money is a crime? Jealous much? I realize teachers don’t make a lot but what the fuck’s the justification for calling the school cop? Possession of cash is evidence of a crime? How the hell do you rationalize this stupidity?!

Granted the money turned out to be counterfeit so the 15 year old was guilty of something but seriously, how is this going to go down in court? “I saw money, children shouldn’t have more money than me so I called the school cop on him!”

I don’t know if the resource officer (read: failed beat cop) took the money from the student forcefully or simply asked for it but I know if some rent-a-real-cop came up to me and asked me if I had a lot of money on me my answer would have, even at that age, been a resounding “None of your fucking business!”

I’m glad we live in a country where simply having more money than some other stooge is justification for them turning you over to the authorities and justification for the authorities to seize your property. God BLESS America! Hide your wallets!


Weather Forecasts

Is it me or does it seem the more technology, gadgets and gewgaws the weather people on TV have at their disposal the less accurate their forecasts?

Seriously, I can’t count the number of times they’ve used their super-duper ‘future track’ to show rain directly over our area only to have it be sunny all day long and vice versa, predictions of clear, wonderful days often result in downpours and severe weather.

Twenty years ago they’d cut to the weather man, he’d say “Yup, it’s going to rain tomorrow.” and more often than not, it rained. Sure, weather’s unpredictable but they used to, as far as I can see, have a much higher accuracy when they didn’t have multi-million dollar computers to tell them what they weather was going to do.

Yours, wishing for rain,


Modern Technology…YAY!

Got up this morning and checked the cell phone. One missed call listed. I checked the missed call details and the number listed was the phone’s! Even weirder, I then checked the OUTgoing call log and the only number listed, you guessed it, was its own number. Sometime around 11 last night my phone called itself!

How the hell did that happen? If you dial your own number (at least on the prepaid plan) you get your voicemail so how the hell not only did the phone call itself but how did it bypass the voicemail and generate the missed call entry? I am SO confused!


How A Hacker Got Busted.

First The Fact’s:

 1) The Gov. of CT is was Lowell Weicker.
2) The Connecticut DOT has many LED highway warning
signs (the ones that can actually change messages,
scroll several messages and such).
3) War Dialers work.

The Story:
1) Said signs are on cell phones…
2) A nice young pirate gave
me our hero the number to
one of the signs on I-95.
3) The sign had been changed once already (by the nice
young  pirate) but being young, he used his change
4) The stupid older pirate with the long hair (our hero
of the story) decided to go political with HIS statement
to the motorists on I-95 (south bound, Fairfield CT).
5) One monday about three years ago, the sign which
read ‘Construction – Expect Delays’ lit up with a new
message for the amusement of the stupid older pirate
his friends, and 20,000 people who saw his work.
6) The sign read ‘Weiker BLOWS’ (his majesty the Gov.
was not pleased).
7) The DOT was not pleased.

8) The state highway patrol was not pleased.
9) The rest of the state, THEY were pleased.
10) The stupid older hacker (we must now call him a
hacker) did not think like a cop, he thought like a
computer operator, if you want to keep someone out,
protect the system, cops on the other hand, to keep
people out, trace phone calls (bad news for Mr. Hacker).
11) The DOT main computer had (of course) a password,
and I also assume a spiffy program for editing the sign
messages, the signs themselves, were naught but a CPU
a cell phone and the display, this confused the DOT.
they were not pleased at being not pleased twice.
12) Two days after the sign was changed (and the state
rejoiced) our hero came home from work, smoked a bowl,
and fell asleep, the doorbell rings, our hero looks out
the window to see who is here “Oh who could that be” he
13) Our hero sees across the street a cop car, just one,
but the kids across the street are always in trouble, so
our hero doesn’t bother hiding his bag or bowl, he also
misses seeing the other 5 unmarked cop cars in front
of his house (DUH!).

14) Said hacker opens front door, see the cops, the
very not pleased cops, see the warrant, oh no, Mr. Hacker
is in deep doo-doo now, see the cops confiscate all,
(well they were pretty stupid and missed a ton of parts)
mostly all of Mr. Hacker’s computer equipment.
15) See the cop, see the cop find drugs, see the sergeant
see sergeant play good cop/bad cop, ‘be a good little
hacker’ he says ‘and we’ll just flush this’, Mr. Hacker
spills his guts (well he lied, but it sounded good),
Mr. Hacker is then forced to flush his own dope,
see the hacker cry.
16) See no charges filed, no arrest made, see proof of
guilt until proven innocent, see Mr. Hacker, see his
friends, they’re amused, Mr. Hacker is not, see the
radio station, hear them chant his name, hear them
brand Mr. Hacker a ‘HERO of the state’, see one of
Mr. Hacker’s coworkers (who just happened to have
sniffed too much glue as a child (at least that’s what we
think)) call the radio station and tell the nice DJ’s
where Mr. Hacker works, see him also give out the
work number, (much too much glue), see Mr. Hacker’s
work place receive 247 calls in three days by people who
want to interview him. See the camera crews from
the local TV show up at his house.
17) See Mr. Hacker hide.
18) See Mr. Hacker wait for weeks while the cops make a
case, see them call him two days before his birthday and
tell him there is now a warrant for his arrest, he can be
a nice Mr. Hacker and turn himself in on Monday, or he
can make them come and get him (Mr. Hacker doesn’t
think long on that one!).
19) See Mr. Hackers best friend take him to get arrested
see her also give him his birthday presents on the way
to jail, see the troll doll? The troll doll is dressed in
prison clothes. Isn’t THAT amusing!
20) See Mr. Hacker’s best friend’s boss (who’s a lawyer)
advise Mr. Hacker on what to do, see Mr. Hacker get
DENIED a public defender, see Mr. Hacker go back and
forth to court, over and over, see people laugh in court,
see the guards have to turn away for giggling, they
are so amused.
21) See Mr. Hacker be sentenced to 2 years Proby, $2000
in fines, and 50 hours community service (didn’t he do
that with the sign already =))
22) Fin


People can’t drive!

The following letter I wrote was previously published in the Florida Today Letters to the Editor section several years ago:

To Florida drivers everywhere –

You do not have to wait for the car in front of you to make it completely through the intersection before you yourself drive through it.

Your car is not a race car, I don’t care what the salesman told you.

You are not Mario Andretti.

STOP does not mean pause.

Merge does not mean “cut me off”. When the lane you’re in ends that does not entitle you to some God given right to cut someone off by racing to the point your lane ends.

That distance between my car and the car in front of me is called “a safe following distance” not “plenty of room for you to squeeze in.”

When there are two lanes turning left and YOU want to turn right at the next intersection, don’t get in the left hand of the two turn lanes.

The speed limit is a pretty good idea. If you can divide your speed by the speed limit and get a whole number you might want to look behind you to see how many people you’re annoying.

If you need your high beams on while driving on a well lit road you might want to consider NOT driving at night.

Any phone call that is THAT important should probably be taken pulled off to the side of the road.

If your speaker system continuously loosens the bolts holding your car together you might want to think about turning it down a little.

If at anytime you’ve found yourself parked inside a building because you’ve mistaken your gas pedal for the brakes, please, sell your car and turn in your license.



Incentive Programs

I always thought they were crap. Scams to grab your email address and spam the hell out of you. But that changed a while ago when a friend convinced me to sign up at Now, granted, you’re not going to get rich participating in these programs but for the most part it’s a quick, easy and painless way to get a little extra every now and then. I won’t say it’s all gumdrops and lollipops (yay, Brady Bunch). For example I recently signed up (to get points at MyPoints) for free health insurance quotes and since then I’ve gotten at least a dozen phone calls offering to sell me overpriced insurance coverage. But that too has its amusing side as I tend to deflect the calls with random excuses like “Sorry, he’s left the country and won’t return until the warrants expire.” which get some amusing reactions.

On the bright(er) side, in the months I’ve been participating in these programs I’ve earned and/or won:

  • $10 Walmart gift card
  • $25 Home Depot gift card
  • $30 KB-Toys gift card
  • A Kodak Z650 camera complete with printer dock
  • 100,000 MyPoints points (approx. value $700)
  • Various magazine subscriptions

Not bad for reading some email messages, clicking on a few links and looking at some web pages. You can earn more if you do a lot of shopping online and link through to the retailer’s site from MyPoints. We also use our MyPoints Visa card to do the weekly grocery shopping and earn points for every dollar spent. I do recommend setting up a HotMail, Gmail etc. email address to use with these programs just to keep the program mail separate from the personal email. So… if you want to make a few extra buck now and then and have the chance to win some decent contest prizes I highly recommend giving them a try. You can always close your accounts if you’re not happy with them.

Recommended sites:

I do suggest signing up for the survey programs through MyPoints, that way you earn points for signing up as well as the incentives offered by the survey sites. I can (and so can you) earn points for referring people to but the link above is direct to the site with no association to my account. Drop me a reply here if you’d be willing to let me refer you or just sign up and start earning points.



Tornados Hit Florida.

Tornados slam central Florida

Not much more than a month after tornado’s ravaged Central Florida on Christmas day the state is again struck by disaster. At least 19 dead, thousands of building, homes and vehicles obliterated. Our area was spared, we got little more than some thunder and moderate rain. Others weren’t as lucky. Why do I feel guilty about that?

If you’d like to donate to the relief fund give the Red Cross a call at 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit their web site at

Image above © visit their site for more images from these devastating storms.

Now what?

Great, I’ve got a blog. I said to myself when I saw the hosting package had a built in blog “Yeah! I’m going to just vent my spleen every moment I get! There’s no end of shit to bitch about…” Of course now I’m just sitting here staring at the screen wondering what the hell to type. Ain’t life grand?

Well the domain’s up, the main page has been mildly reworked. The Camera section has been revamped to include a bunch of new images I’ve taken with the Kodak Z650 I won in a contest over at Man I love this camera. 6 megapixels, 10x zoom, it accepts any 55mm filter and even shoots tollerable video. Beats the heck out of my old 2 MP Kodak, though, that too took some amazing pictures.

Well it’s almost time for This Old House (I’m an addict) so…

More later… hopefully.